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Unscented Magnesium Spray

Unscented Magnesium Spray

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***There may be slight variations in the color of your mag spray depending on the ingredients used, if it darkens over time it is still good. 
Introducing Roots Magnesium Spray, a delicately scented Sandalwood Vanilla aroma that exudes a subtle and soothing essence. Whether you seek a premium deodorant, effective pain reliever, or a reliable sleep aid, our product stands as the ultimate solution for magnesium supplementation. Meticulously crafted, our spray formula has been carefully designed to provide you with maximum magnesium benefits, all while maintaining an affordable price point.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality remains unwavering, especially when it concerns your health and well-being. Our products are exclusively crafted from 100% organic ingredients and are never stored on warehouse shelves. Instead, they are produced in our own dedicated facility, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality standards. Each batch is expertly prepared in limited quantities to guarantee superior product integrity.

Roots Magnesium Spray is conveniently packaged in 4oz glass spray jars. With a shelf life of 12 months, these containers are designed to preserve the product's freshness and potency. When used as directed on a daily basis, a single jar is anticipated to last approximately 30 days, delivering consistent benefits and optimal results.

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